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☽ Intergalactic Naturalist ☾

Moscow-born (Роскосмос represent!) , LA-raised, Dublin-based artist, photographer and writer, dedicated to proving that life is as beautiful as we make it. This is my scrapbook and shorthand chronicle.

Currently, I'm documenting intergalactic beastly flora in a concept series of drawings entitled "Alien Botany".

Techno renaissance internet goddess extraordinaire - Lou O'Bedlam

Perfect example of someone being as weird as they want to be, working as hard as possible and truly Living - Morbid Fashion

Literally THE laziest Style Dispatch ever is up on Biorequiem.com, because, well, shit happens. I give you SD 027: Dilly-dally! Starring Alien Botany "Void" leggings, designed by me.

…And promise not to do it again for a while.

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    Love your style!
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    I want these leggings so fucking bad but I just can’t justify spending over a hundred dollars on an article of clothing....
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